Laura D’Asaro of Chirps

Laura D’Asaro and Alex Shirazi chat about the marketing behind getting people to “eat bugs” and how the journey to powdered cricket proteins started.

Laura D’Asaro is the co-founder/CEO of Chirps, a company that works to normalize insect consumption as a sustainable source of protein. She is a Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneur, Shark Tank survivor, and a believer in a world where cricket burger will be just another item on the menu at your local burger joint.

Tom Ben Arye – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Tom is an Israeli Ph.D candidate developing clean meat in the Levenberg lab of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

He finished his B.Sc in molecular biochemistry in the Technion with great honors and his M.Sc in the Levenberg lab.

During his Ph.D, he initiated a clean meat project from which the start up company Aleph-Farms emerged.

Tom is a co-founder of The Modern Agriculture Foundation, a past board member and the scientific advisor of the organization.

Thomas King of Food Frontier

Thomas King discusses how he started out as an environmental advocate at an early age. This led his work to focus on alternatives to animal agriculture, the cause of many of the problems he was tackling. He founded Food Frontier to focus on ways to bring plant based and cell-based meats to the Asia Pacific.

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Ali Bouzari of Pilot R&D and Render Foods

In this episode, Alex Shirazi and Ali Bouzari talk about future food technologies and developing food that creates an experience. We chat about the potential of cell-based meat and whether we should dare to explore creations such as “designer meats”.

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Carrie Kuball of EnviroFlight

Carrie Kuball and Alex Shirazi chat about the future of food technology as it relates to insect proteins and animal feed.

Carrie discusses the Black Soldier Fly and the benefits of sustainably farming insects as a protein source for animal feed.

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