Dr. Kate Krueger of New Harvest

Dr. Kate Krueger chats with Alex Shirazi about her background in the cellular agriculture space and her work as Research Director at New York based New Harvest.

Kate Krueger is Research Director at New Harvest where she leads new initiatives in cellular agriculture. Prior to New Harvest, Kate worked as a scientist at Perfect Day foods (formerly Muufri) a cellular agriculture startup where she contributed to Perfect Day’s cell ag protein patent. Kate holds a PhD in Cell Biology from Yale and is passionate about using tech for the betterment of society.

The New Harvest 2019 conference is taking place on July 19th and 20th at the MIT Media Lab. Register today at www.new-harvest.org. We’ll be hearing more about the event and New Harvest on this episode.

Laura D’Asaro of Chirps

Laura D’Asaro and Alex Shirazi chat about the marketing behind getting people to “eat bugs” and how the journey to powdered cricket proteins started.

Laura D’Asaro is the co-founder/CEO of Chirps, a company that works to normalize insect consumption as a sustainable source of protein. She is a Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneur, Shark Tank survivor, and a believer in a world where cricket burger will be just another item on the menu at your local burger joint.

Julia Aumüller and Jens Tuider of ProVeg

Julia Aumüller, studied sociology and specialized in sociology of food. She is working as Executive coordinator at ProVeg, working closely with the CEO, COO and International Director. She is also responsible for the organization of the New Food Conference.

Jens Tuider studied philosophy and specialised in animal ethics. He is currently Chief of Staff and responsible for strategy at ProVeg International. Jens previously worked for Beyond Carnism and Animal Equality. He is a lecturer for animal ethics at several colleges in Germany, heads an interdisciplinary working group on animal ethics at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and runs an online database with arguments in defence of animal rights (www.animalrights.info). His current focus areas include Clean Animal Products, Early Intervention and Collective Impact.

Dr. Can Akcali of Biftek.co

Can Akcali MD PhD, is a full professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology. He received MD from Ankara University and Ph D from University of Cincinnati, Dept.of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Currently he is a faculty member at Ankara University, School of Medicine. He is also vice president in Stem Cell Research Institute at Ankara University He is an expert in stem cell and developmental biology. He is also independent genetics consultant specialised in stem cell and frequently requested to act as an expert in stem cell based medical operations discussions.

Prof. Akcali also co-founder of a start up biotech company, Biftek.co. Biftek.co is the first and only company in the area of cell-based clean meat in Turkey.

Is cultured meat vegan? – Kenny Torrella – Mercy For Animals

Kenny Torrella serves as Mercy For Animals’ director of communications.

Alex Shirazi and Kenny Torella discuss the role of future food technologies, how it relates to animal welfare, and a world without animal traditional agriculture practices.

He works with MFA’s team of writers and editors and has garnered media coverage for farmed animals in mainstream news outlets, such as the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and Fortune magazine.

After watching undercover investigation footage from factory farms and slaughterhouses 10 years ago, Kenny became vegan and has been active for animals since. He lives in Washington, DC, with his partner and their rescue dog, Rihana.

Tom Ben Arye – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Tom is an Israeli Ph.D candidate developing clean meat in the Levenberg lab of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

He finished his B.Sc in molecular biochemistry in the Technion with great honors and his M.Sc in the Levenberg lab.

During his Ph.D, he initiated a clean meat project from which the start up company Aleph-Farms emerged.

Tom is a co-founder of The Modern Agriculture Foundation, a past board member and the scientific advisor of the organization.

Sara M. Oliveira of INL

Sara Oliveira is a biomedical engineer specialized in tissue engineering. Two years after her PhD, she decided to dive in to a new adventure.

Sara holds a PhD in Bioengineering Systems from the MIT Portugal Program at the University of Minho and she has strong background in tissue engineering and biomaterials, such as multiscale scaffolds preparation, gelatin, cell isolation, culture, differentiation and characterization.

In late 2016, the Food Processing and Nutrition Group (FPNG), at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), sought out a tissue engineer for 3D food printing and cultured meat.

Most of her time at FPNG has been dedicated to setting up the lab for food printing, assessing multiscale food properties, project development and several outreach activities.

Currently, Sara explores “3D Food Bioprinting” to develop tuneable 3D beef and to study the texture and meat quality properties of future cell-cultured foods.

Keith Zakheim of Antenna Group

As chief executive officer, Keith Zakheim ensures Antenna lives and breathes the firm’s core values — strong ethics that instill trust and impart transparency; respectful, positive, collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships among client-partners, colleagues and those with whom we conduct business; continual education for the highest standards; empowering entrepreneurial passion and a commitment to public service and volunteerism to give back to those less fortunate.

Keith has earned an industry-wide reputation for savvy, strategic counsel, forging deep partnerships and business connections and leading the firm during an era of unprecedented organic and acquisition-driven growth.

Keith also hosts Raising Your Antenna, a tech podcast exploring the latest trends and news shaping the business-to-business technology industry.

A sought-after expert on crisis management, Keith has been a panelist and featured speaker at conferences worldwide. He was one of the youngest elected officials in New Jersey, having served on the Paramus Borough Council. Recipient of the prestigious Wexner Graduate Fellowship for Jewish communal leadership, Keith graduated with honors from Yeshiva College, studied toward a Master’s in History and received Rabbinic Ordination from Yeshiva University in New York City.

Sandhya Sriram of Shiok Meats

Dr. Sandhya Sriram has extensive experience in the biotechnology space. We discuss her interest in business and the path that led to the cell-based meat startup, Shiok Meats. Learn how the Asia-Pacific region can greatly benefit from cell-based meat technologies and why it’s so important.

The Cultured Meat Symposium is taking place on November 1st in San Francisco. Learn more and register at www.CMS18.com