Sara M. Oliveira of INL

Sara Oliveira is a biomedical engineer specialized in tissue engineering. Two years after her PhD, she decided to dive in to a new adventure.

Sara holds a PhD in Bioengineering Systems from the MIT Portugal Program at the University of Minho and she has strong background in tissue engineering and biomaterials, such as multiscale scaffolds preparation, gelatin, cell isolation, culture, differentiation and characterization.

In late 2016, the Food Processing and Nutrition Group (FPNG), at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), sought out a tissue engineer for 3D food printing and cultured meat.

Most of her time at FPNG has been dedicated to setting up the lab for food printing, assessing multiscale food properties, project development and several outreach activities.

Currently, Sara explores “3D Food Bioprinting” to develop tuneable 3D beef and to study the texture and meat quality properties of future cell-cultured foods.

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